Saturday, 12 October 2013


As y'all no doubt know there are billions of people in the world but only one you.
As self-aware members of the 1st World we all have a responsibility to be the best that we can be - encouraging jealousy not only in the 3rd World, but also in those 'lower down the food chain' than we are within our local community. This may seem like an intimidating task at first, but fortunately there are a number of activities which can help.
Come. Let us reflect:

  • Charity bake sale. (Embracing the Cupcake Economy.)
  • Nail selfies. 
  • Charity funruns. 
  • Temporarily leaving the 1st World to build a well / school / farm / miscellaneous social hub in the 3rd World.
  • Creating, maintaining, and promoting your personal brand.

All of ^^^ these activities are excellent. They're fun to participate in - alleviating our White Guilt, but simultaneously 'keep the poor man down', as he cannot participate in these fun activities :-( sadface. From what I understand he has 3rd World Problems like eating food, clean water, and AK-47 machine gun. 

Let's get real ffs. You may think that this stuff is easy but you're fucking dead wrong.
Similarly to the mighty plains of Africa, there's also a pecking order in the modern urban environment
Carnivores. Herbivores. 
Are you a lion or 'just another sheep in the wall'?  

Haircut. Clothing. Accessories. Tattoos, but also body piecing / non-prescription glasses combo. MP3s
These ^^^ are the things that make you, 'you'. 

We're going to go through all this in an exciting new feature on iam___ called PROMOTING YOUR PERSONAL BRAND

Out of 10 how would you rate your position within your local community (1 being not very good and 10 being The Cool One)?
People keep on banging on about cupcakes, but experts are starting to violently reject their teachings :-O. Accepting this as truth, which economy will collapse first - the Cupcake Economy or the Beard Economy?
Do you 'judge people for who they are on the inside' or do you 'judge a book by it's cover'?
Just want to ask 1 question really - where is Syria?

Gtg, y'all. Keep safe out there.
<3 heart symbol.

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