Sunday, 14 July 2013


Seems like we've spent over 10 blog years trying to get to the bottom of the Eurozone Crisis / Global Socioeconomic Downturn situation.

I am feeling very :-( sadface that we are still no closer to an answer.

The further we seem to fall 'down the rabbit hole' the more I wonder what lies at the bottom - and in addition - the light at the end of the tunnel grows smaller.

     "What does / did the light look like?" - My son.
     "I cannot remember." - Me.
     "Oh."  - My son.
     "Yes." - Me.

Since the Housing Market / Galactic Economy collapsed towards the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2010 it seems as though nothing has made sense. 
I am :-? confused-face.
#worried about the housing market.
#worried about the 3rd World, Darfur, and Poland (Europe's 3-Legged Family Pet).
#worried about my career and pension fund situation.
#worried about _____.

I do my bit for the local community. (Donate 25p - 50p to a trampy. Help an 'old dear' cross the road. Occupy _____. Repost profound Think Pieces / Puff Pieces / confrontational copy from @the_guardian and @the_daily_mail. 
I am planning to get a Henna tattoo reading 'Change.')
Sometimes it seems as though it's all 'a load of old codswallop'. 

I've been planning to change my Facebook profile picture to something confrontational; something that will make average Joe, 'normal people', fucking lemmings, and 9-5 desk jockeys pay attention to ME and MY situation / beliefs. 

These are my selections:

Man With Machine Gun Reading 'Romney.'

Man Shooting Other Man as Gun. 

Soldier-man and Teacher-man.

Bear Sitting on Man situation.

Russian Doll broads.

Policeman Arrests Fat Cat City Banker-man.

Elephant-man Sexually Harasses Obama.

Which of ^^^ these will get me the most attention?
Who is Romney-man? (Sort of feel that he's something to do with Canada? Feeling so unself-aware.)
In today's modern world, is it still 'okay' to cybebully Obama - or is that yesterdays news / a lil racist?
Is it fair to drag animals into political comics? From what I understand, animals have no need of money or snarky highbrow circlejerks.
Should #SUPER_ADVANCED_COMICS become more politically active?
Realistically, would we just make things worse?
Have you been laid off from work?
Are you:
a) Cool About the Situation - "I have been 'just coasting along' at work for ages. I am surprised it took them this long to fire my ass. Looking forward to 'me time.'"
b) Not Cool About the Situation - "I have given the best years of my life to this company. I was about to get a promotion, in charge of the Reduced Food."
c) Suicidal - "This is not a cry for attention. This is completely legit :-( sadface." (You must immediately call the iamawaitingyourereading Telephone Helpline. All calls are confidential.)
Is being made redundant 'The Golden Ticket' - afording you loads of time to finish your book / record that bleepbloob EP / 'get effing wasted 24/7' / pursue the opportunity to create the facility to 'cum' / plant a herb garden / take up traditional painting / MS Paint painting / dust off your Mega Drive situation / lose that stubborn belly fat / 'murder' your old boss?

Stay strong, y'all.
"You have a friend in me." - Woody Toy Story-man. 

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