Saturday, 29 June 2013


Hey, y'all.
Just wondering if anyone remembers the major television series from the 80's / 90's - The Transformers?

Recently Hollywood made a desperate cashgrab by rebooting the franchise on the big screen. Unfortunately, Hollywood is 'haemorrhaging money' due to the wonderful world of online piracy. (Not that we'd know anything about that, right y'all?)
In order to secure more $$$, Hollywood is making another Transformers film and adding the Autobot Dinobot Transformers into the situation. 

When I was a child I really enjoyed the Dinobot robots, as they ticked all the relevant boxes for a tween boy who was 'too old' for stupid preschool toys and 'too young' for internet pornography.

Robot [ x ]
Dinosaur [ x ]

It was a simpler time - and back then ^^^ that was enough for me - but now I am more self-aware and spend sooo much time on the internet, I have learned to question everything :-) happyface.

Seems like there's some major design flaws with the Dinobots:

  • Lazergun technology + borderline retardation + prodigious strength + ability to breath fire = a highly unpredicatable killing machine.
  • Transformers are robots which are 'in disguise' to avoid persecution and 'murder'.
  • The effectiveness of a 30' tall gold and chrome extinct reptile as a 'disguise'.

Feel so #embarrassed of the 'old me' for not questioning this situation more thoroughly :-( sadface. 
Decided to draw a comic to make amends.

I am feeling :-( sadface.

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