Sunday, 30 June 2013


(This is a think piece about Glastonbury 2013.)

Just watching Glastonbury Festival atm.
I'm not there in person - but as a Caucasian member of the 1st World with the amazing power of the internet at my disposal - I can stream it directly into my living room.
Internet > Satellites & Wires (?) > Laptop > HD TV > Living Room

"Imagine a world,
where everything in the world,
is only a few clicks,
away." - A Haiku celebrating our modern world ©

Sort of feel that a music festival is the best / only opportunity for a band to pitch their product to potential new consumers. From what I understand, the music industry is 'fucked' due to a double-threat from over-saturation and the incredible world of online piracy. 

Just too many bands and MP3s in the world :-( sadface.
Just sooo many torrents in the world :-( sadface.

Sometimes I feel 'overwhelmed' by the sheer volume of content out there. Even if I spent the rest of my life listening to songs and watching official music videos / crappy fanmade ripoff music videos I think that I'd only get through __% of what's available. And that's not even taking into account new products being created in bedrooms and fancypants studios. 
I feel like we're living in an imperfect storm - where content, piracy, saturation, and technology have created a 'clusterfuck'.

Don't even think I like bands / solo artists anymore.
Get moar enjoyment out of 'taking the Michael' out of their haircuts and musicianship. 


Because so many acts play at festivals occasionally some 'fall through the cracks' and fail to secure their 'shot at the big time' - condemned to an eternity of financial purgatory. Realistically, if you're not playing on one of the 6 (?) main stages then you might as well 'drop it like it's hot' and go home, which is why I am aghast when bands play sillybuggers with an indulgent 10min intro or prolonged middle 8 situation.
Is this short-sighted and a waste of precious spotlight time?
Just thinking (typing) out loud, really.

As you know, there's so much content competing for our attention and so many desperate cashgrabs by 'fucking bullshit' content creators - sometimes it's more convinent to just tune it all out. 
It's hard to know what's legit and what's a stoopid manufactured product by The Man, a mobile phone company, or a fruityloop energy drink promoter.
My thoughts are with the artists; it's hard to make ends meet, y'all.

"We must show delicate compassion and support them, 
but also utterly condemn and disown them, 
when they fail to provide, 
an acceptable MP3 / product." - Haiku 

Anyways, just riffing on Glastonbury 2013 in this post; exploring my relationship with music as a savvy-internet user and MP3 consumer.

Really need to relearn to simply enjoy music for what it is and not over-analyse the situation. 
Unfortunately, we're all so self-aware now that welcoming a new MP3 into our lives can be a traumatic experience leaving us vulnerable - akin to 'shaving a Brazilian'.

Are you a band or an MP3 competing to be heard in the modern world?
Is a music festival a remarkable experience (due to meeting like-minded people and pursuing the opportunity to 'cum') or a thorough pain in the ass (due to soggy penguin weather conditions and poor line-ups)?
Are large festivals and sporting events the only use for the Red Button on your remote?
Does the young man from Foals have a potty mouth?
Are The Alt-Js (The ∆s) sorcerers or a bunch of sadsacks?
I saw some fruity-looking guy singing between acts for the interviewer people on Friday - I think his name was Michael _____ and he had a quiff - does anyone know wtf his situation was because he was just awful?
Why is Example?

(This has been a think piece about Glastonbury 2013.)


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