Friday, 21 June 2013


Really want to get real with y'all for this post. 
/:-/ compassionate face.

(This is a think piece about Brighton Bin Strike 2013.)
I live in an opulent seaside town in the South East of England. 
Life is pretty casual. We have a predominantly Caucasian population and most of the miscellaneous coloured peoples are Asian. 
If I had to guess, I would say that our city would score 8/10.

Recently our bin-people voted to go on strike for a week. They're working over the weekend then going back on strike again for another week. Unfortunately, I don't understand the situation, nor the politics involved - but I've heard the following reasons for this situation:

  • No more time-and-a-half on Bank Holiday Mondays :-( sadface.
  • Lack of steady hours :-( sadface.
  • 4k paycut for 'some' staff :-( sadface.

I've also heard 'on the grapevine' that they are >:-( angryface about poor working conditions. (Soggy nappies, half-eaten DairyLea Dunker pots, some pizza crust, a mattress, _____.)

I can neither confirm nor deny any of ^^^ those reasons - as I tend to spend the majority of my time on snarky blogspots, entertainment content farms, and pornography sites - and not zzz factual news content aggregator sites. Anyways, after a week of strike action, we now have piles of rubbish 4' deep. They scar the face of our city like splashes of acne on a spotty teen.

"I am living, 
in a Material World,
and I am a material girl.
(The material is 'fucking bullshit.)'" - A very vulnerable Haiku

Obvs I spend most of my time OTI - so this situation effects me less than Tom, Dick, or Harry who have a less-evolved online presence than I do - but even my situation is being compromised.

  • I have to walk past the rubbish.
  • Smell.
  • Seagulls / rats / plague. 

I saw a used tampon in the street.
I believe that women's hygiene products should be disposed of in an orderly fashion, much like a cat daintily burying its 'business' in a litter tray; it should be neither seen, nor heard. 

Feeling sooo confused about #binstrike.
:-( sadface.

Do the needs of the few (us) outweigh the needs of the many (bin-people) or needs the one (bin-person)? (This question is rhetorical but please feel free to share your views, y'all. The most self-aware and politically-savvy comment will win a T Shirt, which reads 'Eff Capitalism and Brussels.')

Really feel like I need to be more politically-active to resolve this issue.

From what I understand we all have rights.
The bin-people also have rights. Although they're probs less self-aware than the average iamawaitingyourereading reader or savvy, internet content-consumer >>> they have rights. Obvs I don't know any bin-people, but if I had to guess, I would say that they are 'into' the following:

  • Desktop PCs with Pentium 4 processors.
  • Short-term / high-interest loans.
  • Yahoo! Toolbar.
  • Competitive sports.
  • Paying for content from iTunes /
  • Meat pies and savory snacks.

In the past Margaret Thatcher (M. Tatty) 'smashed' the unions for great justice but the bin-people said, 'No.' 

Unfortunately, I don't know if this #binstrike is something to do with ^^^ that situation. The 2 things seem like they're related.

Really need to get more politically-aware in preparation for the second half of 2013 / eventual fallout from The Eurozone Crisis and Galactic Economic Meltdown.

At the start of this post I felt like the bin-people were 'fucking assholes' for not tidying up, but now I don't know what to think. 
:-? confused face.
Might just chill on the internet until this 'effing nightmare' is over. 

Do you know a bin-person?
What's their situation / what do they want?
If you could go on strike for a week what TV box set would y'all watch?
Regarding multiculturalism - do you think that Asians contribute the most to our multicultural situation (due to science experiments, Manga clothes, Totoro merchandise, and their women-folk having redonkulous breast-to-ass ratio due to slender genetics)?
Which minority contributes the least?
How should we be compensated for this outrage?
a) 1 week free Council Tax?
b) 'Murder' a politician or Fat Cat City Banker?
c) MP3s?
If it comes down to it, how should WE clean OUR streets?
a) Send all the rubbish to _____?
b) 'Push it all into the corners' like children tidying their room?
c) Fire?

Really feel like we need to start getting organised and start 'taking names and kicking asses.' 
We need to take our collective situation to such great heights.
Our time is NOW!
We must strike back against oppression from bin-people and the government.
We must change our Facebook Status' / Profile Piccys NOW.
We must march on Town Hall (possibly playing bongos).
We must dress up in bin bags and do the Flash Mob. 
We must make sweeping statements and confrontational copy / try to link this situation to terrorism / the breakdown of traditional family values somehow.

(When I used to play Sim City and the little computer people went on strike, sometimes I just demolished their city with a volcano / UFO / miscellaneous disaster and went back to an old save point.)
Is ^^^ this the answer?
What do y'all think?

(This has been a think piece about Brighton Bin Strike 2013.)