Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Sort of feeling nostalgic for 'the good old days' of video gaming.
Come, let us reflect:

  • We had traditional family values. 
  • No DLC BS.
  • Original IPs (and not endless 'gritty' reboots, sequels, prequels miscellaneous publishing / development sillybuggers, 'bonus content' (which was built into the original code), 'fucking bullshit' collectors edition / art book / fancypants case / soundtrack CD / Mobile App / superduper digital weapon / make believe amour / overpowered miscellaneous accessory / very fast horse / texture re-colour / forum access / soft toy situation / little plastic figurine nigga / _____).
  • None of this endless patch and post-release update BS.

Feeling really angry now >:-( angryface. 

(Going to have to sit down for a bit.)

Maybe I'm looking back with 'the rose tinted glasses?' Maybe it was all 'fucking bullshit' back then, too? 
Obvs, there have been substantial improvements to our modern lives in the modern world. We enjoy technological wonders that our primitive-selves (around the mid-90s and early 00s) could only effing dream of. 
Come let us rejoice:

  • Ecksbawks 360.
  • Broadband.
  • Medicine.
  • Self-awareness.
  • 'Fucking amazing' mobile phone handsets. 
  • Cyberbullying.
  • The ability to stream 'fucking amazing' nutritious pornography.
  • Bewb jobs.
  • Social networking situations.

Sort of feel 'completely overwhelmed' at times - with 'life' - but also with video games.
Sort of feel that I'm being left behind. (Metaphor.)
Sort of feel like there's so many graphics, so many AI, so many polygons, so many DRM BS, so many FPS reboots of 'classic franchises which effing suck - I can't even keep up sometimes :-? confused-face.
Sort of need to take metaphorical a step back. (Metaphor.) 

I've been playing a lot of retro computer games atm; games that my old desktop PC would struggle with (just so many graphics) my little Notebook laptop 'completely shits on.'
(Don't really like the potty humour. Just feel 'really strongly' about this situation.)

Anyways, I've been ummming and ahhhing about dusting off some old titles and playing them. (Didn't even need to pirate the content as I'd brought the CDs back in those dark days before torrents. I just want to recycle to make a diff.)

Save the polar bears.
Do not waste our Earth's natural resources.
Recycle ffs!" - Haiku © 2013

iam___ might make this a new feature.
If you are interested in this new feature, please fill in the blanks below:

[   ] Yes.
[   ] No.
[   ] Not sure / don't care.
Why? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

(Just write on your monitor / screen, and then take a screenshot, and then send the screenshot to the Email, niggas.)

Going to 'have a look' at one of these RETRO SITUATIONS today and then see what the situation is tmw.
Keep it really, really real until next we meet, my nigs.

(Really starting to like you. I hope you like me too.)
xxx (3 kisses.)

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