Saturday, 18 May 2013


(REALLY EFFING ROYAL is an amazing new iam___ feature where we investigate the Royal Family. We really want our 'brothers from another mothers' overseas to understand wtf is up with the Royal Family. Let's begin, hmmm?)


Sup, nigs?
Today we investigate Prince Harry.

Feel like there's a lot of BS about 'The Ginger Nut' circling the internets / old media. 
Really just want to get to the bottom of it all and learn about the REAL P. Harry.

I do not understand what P. Harry's situation is /:-/ confused-face. 
I think that it might be time to get my 'big boy pants' on, 'knuckle down,' and do some serious investigative journalism.
In part 1, we investigate popular opinion of P. Happy:


  • He is the Cool One from the Royal Family.
  • He is sooo into socialising / party times / getting 'completely fucked up.'
  • Flies the helicopter.
  • Does work for charity.
  • Seems pretty legit. Like you could 'have a pint' or 'cum' with him.


  • Bit racist.
  • Bit of a sillybilly.
  • Slacker / general underachiever. 
  • Doesn't 'fly the helicopter' or actually 'do shit' in the army / life. 
  • Not as solid a meme as Princess Diana (mumsy).

Don't know wtf the truth is :-? confused-face.
I'm going to explore the internet to confirm or deny the ^^^ above situations. 
We might learn something, but probably not.
Wish me luck, niggas!
<3 heart symbol.

If you could be king for a day would you be:
a) Pretty Chill - Helping people and being a goody2shoes?
b) Okay - Probs spend all day keeping it zzz casual. Might have a nap?
c) Not Okay - Steal things from the palace and then blame it on the staff?
d) Asshole - Sexually harass the secretary and then be all like, "Sup?"
e) Tyrant - 'Murder' someone just to feel alive. Sell noods of K. Middy to the Old Media. Sell stuff from the palace to buy drugs (marijuana cigarette, coke, smack, wizz, doping a bong). Order up some food from the kitchen and then send it back down for some 'fucking bullshit' reason. Blow all of your / the countries money on redonkulous hobbies like Bonsai Trees or Pokeman Collectible Card Game?

Don't just pick an answer at random. Remember, your choice will have very serious ramifications for the inhabitants of your kingdom.
Think really long and hard before choosing :-O amazed-face.

xx (2 kisses.)