Saturday, 20 April 2013


Sort of feel like we're still no closer to understanding the Global Economic Meltdown, despite our best efforts to understand the Global Economic Meltdown.
:-( sadface.

I know that you're feeling sad.
I know that you just sort of want to bury your head in the sand (that is a metaphor). 
That isn't going to resolve the situation. 
Not at all.

"We are all in this together.
We must all come together.
(Not gay.)" - An intimate Haiku © 2013

Hopefully 1 day our collective situations will rise to such great heights. Until then, we must constantly ask, "Why?" and also create e-Petitions

This week in the Galactic Financial Crisis, some nigga called Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble says that it's, "Time to stop playing sillybuggers and give Cyprus 10 Billion Euros NOW!!!1" From what I understand, if you give Cyprus 10B then they will 'sort their shit out' and stop stinking up the Eurozone situation.

As you know, I'm not a scientist or very good at maths or even talk the English 2 gdgd (because of too much time spent surfing the world wide web) but I believe that this 'plan' is 'fucking bullshit'. 

Sort of feel like there's no situation that can't be resolved with 10 Billion _____.

Does that even count as a plan?
Sort of seems like Papa Wolfgang Shabby just wants to throw money at the problem and hope for the best. 
For example, say that the Eurozone is some broad working at a 'titty bar'. She really wanted to make it in fashion / photography / NHS midwifery school / Tumblr / miscellaneous middle management call centre job, but things just never worked out. (Story as old as time :-( sadface.) So she starts 'showing the goods and shaking it like a Polaroid picture' to 'make ends meet'. Now Finance Minsta Wolfgang Nigga 'comes' into the situation and says, "Have 10B and chase your dreams, whore." Sister's probably going to stop working in the titty bar, but she's sure as eff not going to go to work anytime soon. (Probs go on a coke binge and probs buy herself a car / house / new mobile phone / fruity little dog / Friends on Blu-Ray 1080p situation.) 
Obvs, I don't know 'my ass from my elbow' so that analogy may be 'fucking bullshit' :-( sadface.

Maybe we (as media-savvy 20 and 30 somethings with several key skills across several key areas) should 'get off the bench' and 'get involved'?

What's the best effing way to get OUR message out to these fatcat city bankers / pencil pushers / bureaucrats?

  • Charity bake sale?
  • Acts of random violence (major motion picture Fighting Club for B. Pitt)?
  • Acts of random kindness (major motion picture Yes Man for Jim Carey)?
  • Smear campaign against prominent political figure?
  • 'Murder'?
  • Mass sulk / pisspants protest outside City Hall / chain coffee shop?
  • Deactivate our Facebawks accounts for 2 days?

What will it take for OUR message to be heard ffs?!

"WE are the kids!
Inheriting the Earth. 
(And our parents house / money),
Fuck injustice!" - Haiku / Call to Arms

^^^ That nigga up there is ME!
^^^ That nigga up there is YOU!
^^^ That nigga up there is WE!

He's just making a diff / hoping to go mad viral / chanting shit / 'sticking it to The Man' / fighting for what he believes in.

What do YOU chuffing believe in?

(Please use the comments for astute and intelligent and self-aware and politically-aware discussion. (No cuss words, niggas.) Whichever anon wins will receive lots of respect and a pinbadge that says, "I effing hate racism >:-( angryface.")

Peace out, nigs.
Remain ethnic / political.