Monday, 29 April 2013


Just got off the phone from some effing sillybilly woman in the Philippines working on behalf of The Halifax bank.  
After 20 mins+ of trying to make this broad understand my exact situation, I am left feeling sort of bad for her life / situation.

Obvs, these 3rd World probs don't apply to us. We have been born with a (metaphorical) silver spoon. 
Come. Let us rejoice:

Most of the EU also has drinkable water direct from the tap. The obvious exception being Poland.

Not really sure if this hard-working call centre broad, Milet, is to blame - or if The Halifax is to blame for throwing expendable cannon-fodder to the wall?

WHO is to blame for this 'fucking shambles'?!

Halifax / miscellaneous crappy highstreet bank / customer service situation?
Members of the 3rd World for not applying themselves and learning to speak English correctly?
Should the whole world be forced to learn English and all other silly languages be outlawed?
Am I being too lenient on Milet (hard-working call centre broad) and should I demand to, "Speak with her manager / supervisor?"
Is this another symptom of the Global Economic Downturn, and are 'things' just going to get effing worse as we go 'further down the rabbit hole' looking for a solution to the Global Economic Downturn?
Why is the Philippines called 'the' Philippines? #confused.

I am going to DL some nutritious torrents as compensation for the 20mins+ of my life that this broad's wasted.
Feeling really >:-( angryface at the 3rd World atm.
Feeling really /:-/ compassionate-face for these enslaved, un-self-aware savages.

Should we start an ePetition / all change our Facebook Profile Piccys to raise awareness / change the world?

Eff oppression!

xxo (2 kisses & 1 hug.)

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