Friday, 25 January 2013


Brothers. Sisters. 'Not sure how I feel about prostitution.
'Not sure if this one 'gets' it.
Why would I pay a sister to make it feel good (re: touching the willy)?

'Same with the lapdance.
The strip club.
'Not sure if it's my 'scene'.
It's not my scene.

Why? Am I missing something?

Sort of feel liek a bro.
Sort of feel like our attraction should be mutual (re: a poem shared between lovers). 
If not - then, sister - what's your situation?
Who's paying who?

I think this one would rather not pay 'for sex'.
My usual MO goes like this:
"Do you like kittens?" I say.
"Yes. (re: Thai for yes ((in this situation.))"
"Okay. Kewl," I say. "Well this one has a kitten."
"Okay. 500 Bhat."
"Sister," I reply. "Maybe something got lost in translation." (re: the major motion picture, Lost in Translation).

'Not sure if I 'get' it.
The prostitution, I means.

Maybe we could bond over music.
"What's your favourite band?"
Maybe we could bond over films and multimedia.
"What's your favourite film? Wes Anderson? Kewl."
Maybe a video game.
But - shit - any penis and vagina combination can enjoy sex. What about feelings and stuff?

I've seen the major motion picture Show Girls. Being a whore in that seemed pretty lulzy. ('Not seen Striptease, but I think it had pretty much the same message.)
IRL, not so much.

'Not sure if I 'get' it.

The prostitution, I means.

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