Thursday, 17 January 2013


   "Are you going to Thailand to get fucked up?" they ask.
   "Are you going to Thailand to get relaxed zzz?" they ask.
   "Are you going to Thailand to find yourself, man?" they ask.
I guess the answer's all and none of the above. I mostly just want to do something else. Something different.

Travelling light. Keeping it legit.

I love Brighton - England, not so much - but I do love Brighton. It's home. But after awhile it's easy to take it for granted.

I guess going away for a spell draws a line and plants a fullstop at the end of 2012; then 2013 can begin properly. I did it last year when I went off to Toronto - and then when I came back - I appreciated home, life, love, and everything else inbetween a little bit more.

Hullo, the internet. My name's Adam and today I'd like to talk to you about travelling and shit.

So I packed. (via 40L packback £15 from Sport and Soccer. Probably going to break :( sadface.)
We had the leaving do. (OMG GOT SOOO DRUNK HAHA LOL!!!1 #YOLO #HASHTAG)
I left Brighton. (via coach.)
I'm sitting at the airport atm with some alcoholols - and soon - I'll be flying out. (via plane. That is all.)
Feels casual.

The cat helping me pack. Stupid cat is stupid.
(Miss you, cat :( sadface.)

I'm off for 6 weeks, which is a real casual amount of time from what I'm told. I should be able to do most of the situations I want to do in that time. What situations do I want to do?

I like temples and museums and stuff. I like animals (the moar retarded looking the better). I like breasts (the less retarded looking the better). And I like lols. So Thailand has a lot to offer.

Tbh, I haven't done my homework. I don't really know what I'm doing and in what order. Partially because I'm so cool and partially because I'm a sillybilly. (Mostly the sillybilly thing.)

I'm meeting friends in Cambodia.
I'm meeting friends in Bangkok.
I might meet friends in the last couple of weeks as I potter around the islands.
But most of the time I'm going solo. Like a boss.

Leaving do situations <3 heart symbol.
(Miss you guise :'( sadface with tear.)

I'm just sort of making it up as I go along. Again, I'm told that Thailand is a great place for that. It is to the novice traveller as the 50cc Mushroom Cub is to the novice Mario Kart 64 player.

The flight cost about £700 return, but if you don't mind dicking around and transferring, you can save many precious £££'s. I'm heading to India for some reason first - fuck noes why but it saved me £200 - making the flight a real smooth £500 return.

A coach door to door (city center to airport terminal) is about £30.

I've changed up about £200 into Thai Baht. I can't remember how many Baht I have on me now. About 10'000ish? Or about 3 copies of Monopoly worth? Who knows. (It's very pretty money.) I figure it'll tide me over for a while when I first get in and then I can just withdraw money from the ATM according to the bank man. 'Not sure if that'll work tbh. Maybe he just lied to me for the lols. We'll see.

For a heterosexual man I think I might be taking too many
moisturisers, cleansers, lotions and potions.

Anyways, I'll let you know how it all goes. It'll be exactly like that Idiot Abroad thing but not at all.

Check back for tips from the front line and for further situations.

BRB, England. x

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